Sunday, December 7, 2008

6. Wireless networking precaugtions

When you begin to use a wireless network you make yourself susceptible for hackers to hack into your computer. Going totally wireless at home brings with it some possible problems as any new technology will do. Not the least of those concerns is security. Going wireless means by definition that access to your computing resources and the internet is occurring without wires, through the air. And just as every computer in the house can access those digital signals, so can those outside the house and those who might not wish to use those signals properly. Therefore when planning your wireless network at home, some precautions and preventative measures should be observed so assure that your network at home is just as secure in a wireless mode as it was when you used cables and physical connections.

Here is a checklist to remind you about saftey precautions when using a wireless network:
  • Change the default SSID for each wireless network access point device.
  • Disable automatic SSID broadcast.
  • Turn on WEP encryption.
  • Research upgrading your wireless network encryption to WPA/TKIP.
  • Filter the MAC address of your network card.
  • Change all default user names and passwords for new network access devices.
  • Change the default IP subnet that your wireless router is preset to (
  • Disable DHCP IP address generation.
  • Implement firewall protection between the wireless network and other networks and between the wireless network and the internet.

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