Saturday, December 6, 2008

2. Internet Filters

The danger for children on the World Wide Web comes with its openness. The web is completely unregulated. Anyone can post information on the Web and provide links to other pages. Parents need to do something to protect their children from these dangers. Parents can do four things to provide safety for their children. These four things are: use internet blocking or filtering software. Provide education, talking to your child about safety on the World Wide Web.
Establish family rules about internet use, and Make it a rule that the child not give out family information without the parent’s consent.

Internet filtering comes in two categories:
Software that the parent can load onto the computer at home.
Programs that can be activated through the internet provider, which will filter web sites for you.

The filtering mechanism on these programs work by:
Scanning sites and blocking those that contain specific words.
Blocking sites that are found to contain sexually explicit, violent or hateful material.
Limiting a child's search to a predefined set of sites or to sites that meet certain criteria

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